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By Paula

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is anybody looking for a gardener with a more natural/organic style? I can help with organic gardening, wildlife gardening, natural style gardens...




I'd love to a more natural garden that brings in the wildlife the biggest problem i face is that it has to suitable for my 3 children who are all 5 and under as well. They are big wildlife fans and are always looking to see wot shares the garden. My back garden is a blank canvas at the mo, we are about to start work on it over the next few weeks, leveeling ready to turf toher than that I don't know which way to go.

9 Feb, 2008


No problem about your children. My little girl has only just turned 4. I can either do some work for you (I do a little bit of gardening in the local area for £10 an hour), or if you want to do it all yourself I don't mind just having a chat. Should we meet, phone, text?? Let me know if I can help.

9 Feb, 2008


im making the bottom end of my garden wildlife friendly& started it in sept07!Im letting sum of my grass grow longer while cutting short grass paths through&taking some grass out 2 plant wildflower/annual seeds&cottage garden plants im also planting,Iv some sharp sand i intend2 mix with the soil iturn over4the seed beds is this good idea as i was told wild flowers hate fertile soil?I think itl stop slugs/sails eating seedlings 2?

10 Feb, 2008


Hi Jacque
Sounds absolutely brill. You are doing a fab job from the sound of things. Just keep going. It might take a few years though for wildflowers etc to become more established. But yes, if the soil is fertile then other plants will get too much goodness and will overpower the wildflowers. That is why you need to keep the soil less fertile. Other plants will try to dominate so it is a question of trying to keep space for the wildflowers.

Which wildflowers will do well depends on the the environment at the bottom of the garden. Some prefer sandy soil, some prefer sun, some prefer wet etc etc... Sand should deter the slugs a bit but not completely. They don't like coffee grounds or egg shells either - anything dry and scratchy....Anyway, well done you! If only more people would do what you are doing.

best regards,

12 Feb, 2008

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