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Hi, About three years ago we bought some fruit while away in Majorca. The fruit was yellow, size of an Apricot, really tasty. After eating the Fruit we found three large stones which all fitted together in the middle. Has anybody any idea what these could be as we brought back about six of these stones/seeds and planted them, three came up, one we gave away and here are pictures of the other two. These are now about 12" to 16"tall.

P S, On a different note i recently received two wonderful Flower and garden e mails, as we know GOY only allows pictures we own the rights to on if anyone would like to see these beautiful pictures please PM me your e mail address, i will delete these straight after sending you these e mails. Both these mails have been scanned by both AVG and Spywarebytes.

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I was introduced to these fruits by my daughter who lives in the sunny south. The fruits are known as Nispera and the tree is also known as Loquat. I planted one of the shiny conker-like stones in a pot - 'just to see' - and now also have a little tree the exact twin of yours! Partner is daring me to plant it into the garden as, apparently, the height reaches 15', the spread is about 10' and the root system gobbles up everything in its path, but even if I did (and I want to!) I think it would soon perish in our winters. So I shall retain it in its pot, keep it clipped into a nice bushy shape and hope that one day there might be fruit? Just for fun? :o)

15 Mar, 2011


Hi Janet, I thought exactly the same about not surviving bad Winters.......but those two pictured have stood out in Plastic pots on my yard steps right through this bad Winter and i are still going strong.At least not having a garden has it merits, mine will have to stay in pots.
On a different note i posted off today your Fuchsia cuttings, blimey its one thing growing them but quite another posting them. The ones i sent you were the smallest cuttings i could find as i couldn't find anything to post the bigger ones in lol. The main point of this exercise is to see if they reach you in a sensible time and are still alive, it will take you 15 mins to dig through the gaffa tape lol. Anyway i'm now sorting a better way of sending them so hopefully i can send you bigger plants next time. Please let me know if they survive for the future. I would think you will need to keep them in a shady place as most Fuchsia's prefer max 4 hours hot sun daily. Regards Bob
PS dont worry about postage it was only just over £1.

15 Mar, 2011


Your plant looks just like a MEDLAR.We also had a fruit on holiday in Spain and planted the stone.About 25 yrs ago, it took along while to grow , but as it got bigger transplanted it in the garden.It has never born fruit though.You can actually in some Garden centres buy these plants , I am told

15 Mar, 2011


Forgot to tell you to , Look at my photo s .A Medlar is shown planted in my garden

15 Mar, 2011


Thank you both for the comments/answers.

17 Mar, 2011

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