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Hello all, can anyone help with a problem I have with my violas, and particularly my laurel bushes as well, the laurels are being stripped bare by something, have sprayed them, but to no avail, the pansies and violas have bitten edges, help before they disappear, thanks



Would be helpful if you could say what kind of laurel you mean - Bay laurel, Aucuba (spotted laurel), Viburnum tinus or Prunus laurocerasus. If you're not sure, a photograph would do.

15 Mar, 2011


The pansies are probably being attacked by slugs/snails or if it's the flowers, then birds eat them at this time of year. Could the laurels be being eaten by deer or rabbits?

15 Mar, 2011


Rabbits have been eating my pansies, but they seem to nosh the whole plant. Nibbled flower edges suggests slugs / snails. Baby rabbits don't know what to eat and have a go at anything, spitting stuff they don't like out on the ground - no good to you if it's been taken off the plant. it won't grow any more. Annoying, isn't it?

15 Mar, 2011


Could the Laurel be suffering from Shothole desease?

15 Mar, 2011


If its the Viburnum tinus, it could be viburnum beetle, which is why I wanted to know precisely what plant the 'laurel' is...

16 Mar, 2011

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