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lawn ruined by foxes urinating!!! sept 2008

KENT, United Kingdom Gb

Have I still got time to re seed the many areas the foxes have ruined overnight my treasured lawn.will the seed take now or am I too late.. how do I keep the birds from a ready made lunch with the seed??!!



No it's not too late for seed, use the same seed as you did before, but make sure you remove all the soil that has been urinated on to about an inch deep as it will burn the new seed.
Put birch or hazel branches, or similar, no leaves, across the seeded area.
To deter the foxes coming again tie peices of cloth soaked in creosote about 2ft. high around the edge of the lawn at about 5yard intervals.

25 Sep, 2008


Or get a husband or male friend to pee in a bottle or something similar and then squirt it around the garden to deter them coming again.

26 Sep, 2008

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