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thank you all for answering my question on violas and laurel, it is a standard bay laurel, and all I have left are stalks he he, it cant be deer or rabbits, as I dont think they venture onto a housing estate, lol but birds, yes could be thanks



As its a standard, then am I right to assume your bay is in a pot? If so, recommend you turn it out of the pot and inspect the roots and compost for invaders of some kind, remove as much compost as possible without damaging the roots, and repot in fresh compost, probably in a larger pot if you haven't repotted in a while. Also check the stems for scale insect or other infestation or disease.

16 Mar, 2011


Hi Bamboo I am going to try and get a picture for you, when I say standard, I suppose I meant an ordinary laurel, and ones builders put in when they build new house, but I will get a picture, have checked out the pictures on the shot desease but I dont think its that as although some have holes, most are left with the middle stalk, strange eh, but watch this space for me and thanks.

16 Mar, 2011


An ordinary laurel, hmm, so is it bay or not (Laurus nobilis)? I'd be very surprised if builders chose to plant a Bay.

16 Mar, 2011


Bamboo... photos of leaves on Patricia's latest blog. :o)

18 Mar, 2011


Yep, seen 'em - have responded under the blog, Patricia, thanks TT

18 Mar, 2011

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