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I followed Volunteers advice ,but my seedlings are still collapsing at soil level even when they've been thriving,have reached an inch or so and have their 2nd leaf. What am I doing wrong???



Some seedlings are weak - I normally lose about 2-3 germinated seedlings per packet.

Are the seedlings in a light place, well watered and not crowded?

17 Mar, 2011


Have you tried spraying them with a copper sulphate fungicide?

17 Mar, 2011


I'm mystified - I can't find an original question relating to this, nor any advice offered by Volunteer. What are the seedlings, where are they growing?

17 Mar, 2011


Advice was from feb2010 in answer to a similar question. Thanks to those who responded; seeds were germinated in a propigator,transfered to a bright(but not sunny windowsill) , then to a cold frame.As the 2nd leaf appears they go into an unheated greenhouse,they're stood on capilliary mats and are in Innes seed compost.They are in new/clean pots or seed trays and so far I've lost Tomatoes,cabbage,sweetcorn,melon ,chilli ,aubergine and a few others over the last couple of seasons.HELP!!!

18 Mar, 2011


Hi there,
It's heart breaking when things don't thrive after weeks of nurturing, but don't give up.

It may be that it's just too cold for your seedlings. I will start to sew my veggies this weekend in a heated propagator. Over watering may be a problem, and damp cold capillary matting will cause all sorts of problems with pin mould.

If you can, sew again, as it's a little warmer than a few weeks ago, can you do with out the matting? And have you any agricultural fleese to drape over the seed trays once they have germinated?.
Let us know how you get on.
Happy growing.

18 Mar, 2011


I put all my seedlings in a south facing sunny windowsill - in Feb-April the light and strength of the sun in the UK is normally not strong. I would only put seedlings not in direct sunlight if it was July-August. I only put them into an unheated greenshouse when they have lost their first leaves and grow their proper ones and the stems are thick.

I would leave the seedlings in the sun till the stem is thicker - thicker it is the stronger the plant is. Gently brushing and blowing on them is simulating wind outside which makes them slow down vertical growth and have thicker stems.

It is still only March, so I would not put tomato or the like in an unheated greenshouse overnight just yet.

18 Mar, 2011

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