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Mini-greenhouse - What temperature can I move it outdoors? I just bought a mini-greenhouse, it's got 4 shelves. I am going to start some vegetable seedlings. I don't have any lights for the greenhouse, so I am wondering if I can leave it outside. I don't have any experience with greenhouses, so I feel a bit silly asking this. Will the greenhouse get/stay warm enough to leave it out? Or, should I drag it into the garage at night? I am zone 5. The temperatures average in the mid 50s during the day and high 30s at night (today it's getting up to 70!). I'm sure we'll have more frosts, last frost here is usually early-mid May. (The photo attached isn't mine, it's off the web; but it's what mine looks like)




These are designed to stand outside - against a wall gives extra shelter, especially on paved or wooden surfaces. As for whether it'll be warm enough, really its more like a cold frame - open during the day while its warm, close up as the temperature drops towards evening. How well your seedlings will do without any heat provision is entirely down to what kind of seeds you grow - anything half hardy will need heat, or to be sown later.

17 Mar, 2011


Well, we have big plans for vegetables this spring. We have both cool and warm weather veggies. We're building our raised beds this weekend. Here is a list of the veggies we are planning (obviously some will be sewn directly and not started early): radish, carrot, lettuce (head and leaf), snow peas, garden peas, beans (bush and pole), peppers (bell and jalapeno), green onions, eggplant, okra, corn, squash (spaghetti, yellow, zucchini). I also have asparagus (this is the 3rd year in the ground, so I get to harvest this year!!) and rhubarb already situated and matured. Last year was a pretty unsuccessful garden, so we are trying to be very prepared this year :)

17 Mar, 2011


Quite a selection - if you manage to grow all those, you'll not be buying much at the supermarket! Just check what the seed packs say about when to sow and whether they need heat or not - sweetcorn probably does initially, and possibly the peppers.

17 Mar, 2011


I have one of these and find that the temperature varies a lot. If the sun comes out strongly the top section can get very hot! Keep a piece of shade netting handy to drape over on very bright days. Also, the light levels can cause problems lower down as the plants above shade them. However, it's better than a windowsill! Don't be too hasty to sow your tender summer veg as they will soon catch up from later sowings.

18 Mar, 2011


Thanks for the advice. I borrowed a book from the library that gives me the early sowing dates as well as the direct sowing and transplant transferring dates specifically for Indiana (my state). It is helping quite a bit. Right now, I've just started some leeks, head lettuce and spinach in my seeding pots. I have them out there. I also have a plastic lid for my other flat. I figured I could start the warm weather seeds in a week or two and add the cover for extra protection. I put a barometer in my mini-greenhouse. It got super humid yesterday, but not too hot yet. I guess I'll just have to mess around with it, if I have some failures, there are plenty of more seeds haha. My gardening knowledge is all learnt from my own mistakes. So, if I mess up - at least I'm learning. Haha. Thanks for the help!!

19 Mar, 2011

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