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conifer damage

a colleague has a conifer hedge mixed leylanndii typr.
one started to show browning last autumn. he now says the neighbouring ones are also going brown. spreading from the first brown one.

any suggestions as to why/ what to do etc.



Sounds a bit like honey fungus, Seaburngirl?

18 Mar, 2011


Could it be The cypress Aphid ??

18 Mar, 2011


Hurray, sounds like the Leylandii fungal infection! Can I have a branch to shove in my neighbours large hege?!

18 Mar, 2011


Alot of leylandi in my area have gone brown over the past couple of years. Once they go brown they will never recover. It could be red spider mite or some of the other suggestions made above.

18 Mar, 2011


ah well I'll tell him but I dont fancy a trip out to see it.
its not all leylandii though. can he spray it with anything [no paraquat is not an option :o) ]

18 Mar, 2011


sounds like the aphid 'blight', we have a hedge of some type of cypress and by spraying them [about now] last year we stopped the brown patches from spreading. Now they are all green again, so we will spray them this week just to be on the safe side. Can't remember what exactly we sprayed them with [sorry!] but found one easily at the garden centre.This is a commom thing with these hedges, but worth doing as they are a solid evergreen to have in the garden.

19 Mar, 2011

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