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I want to higher my lawn can I just put topsoil on my old lawn then turf or do I have to dig the old lawn up first



Yes, but make sure that you remove/kill off any perennial weeds like Dandelion as they will just grow up to the top again. Use a Glyphosate based weedkiller as this doesn't remain active in the soil. (Now I await all the alternative views!!)

18 Mar, 2011


well volunteer here is the first is there any need for weed killers.why not put a membrane down first then topsoil then seed or turf the area.sorry V

18 Mar, 2011


Surely the membrane wouldn't allow enough air and drainage ?

18 Mar, 2011


That would depend on the sort of membrane used and how much top soil is put on top of it.

Personally I wouldn't use a membrane .

18 Mar, 2011


You would probably need at least 30 cm of topsoil on top of the membrane to allow a healthy lawn to develop.

Another thing to consider is whether there are any trees or shrubs planted in or very near the lawn. Piling topsoil on top of the roots and around the stems isn't going to be good for most woody plants.

19 Mar, 2011

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