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Bamboo or Willow screening is being considered for covering our rear chain fence....any recommendations?



Do you mean the rolls of stuff, not live plants?

I had some brushwood screening and it was rubbish. It was very floppy and difficult to put up. The wire holding it together rusted through in months and it's been blowing away ever since. I don't know if split bamboo would be any sturdier, but if it's also held together by whisps of wire I don't think it could be.

Save your cash for something better. Mine cost about £25 for 2m high x 4 metre long rolls and it wasn't worth it.

I've ended up making a framework out of batten (2"x1" strips of wood) nailed to fence posts and weaving bamboo canes (available free from my next door neighbour who has a surplus growing in the garden) in and out of four horizontal batten bars.

18 Mar, 2011


Yes, I meant the rolls....these have been recommended (bamboo, not willow) by the gardener we have been speaking to about our garden re-make.

I'll keep in mind the batten idea and discuss it with the gardener. Thanks, Beattie.

18 Mar, 2011


I've taken some pics today Whistonlass. I'll put them on here this evening so you can see how pants the brushwood looks after about a year.

19 Mar, 2011


Yes, Beattie....that would be good...ta very much I have been viewing the screening ideas here on GoY and have found some do look ragged but of course there isn't detail of how long they have been installed.

I did see one photo that showed screening that had been framed on all sides and it looks quite sturdy. The gardener did seem to side with heavy bamboo screening although I lean more towards screening naturally with lots of climbers and I don't think it would be impossible to cover it adequately for privacy.

More suggestions welcome :)

19 Mar, 2011


OK Whistonlass, I've uploaded several pictures of my falling to pieces brushwood screen. It's been up about a year. The wire that's supposed to hold it together has rusted and broken in numerous places, and the brushwood itself has blown away leaving thin bits and holes.
Have a look here -

There are 5 photos of the screening and one of the structure I've made to replace it out of batten and bamboo. It's not peep-proof and not that elegant but I hope it's sturdier than the stuff I bought. I paid over £100 for four rolls of screening plus carriage and it was money down the drain. You can see the string I tied round it to try to hold it together - didn't work! And the bits of wood I've nailed on to try to stop it flopping over - not working brilliantly either.

19 Mar, 2011


Oh dear....that's a big FAIL for your screening and a rather expensive disappointment too. I did notice how you had put the battens up and it seems that hasn't worked too brilliantly either.

I hope you can get something sorted. Thanks for your photos, Beattie....and your comments.

19 Mar, 2011


I've tried to go back to my last comment (somewhere on this discussion we've been having about the screening!) but I can't locate it. Anyhow....I gave you a link to a photo but the link doesn't work.

So....if you go to GoyPedia, under screening ideas, page 5, 2nd line from the bottom "Stevey" has screening in that photo that looks quite sturdy.

Unfortunately I can't ask him about the screening and how it's held up as he doesn't appear to be an active member just now.

Hope all the above is as clear as

20 Mar, 2011


OK, I've found the pic that had the link and had a look at the photo you were referring to. It looks very nice in the photo, and so did the screening I have, when I'd just put it up. I'd be interested to see if the wire holding it together (nice straight lines in the photo) is still intact after not quite 16 months. As you say, the chap who posted it seems to have gone off the radar so we'll probably never know.

If I were you, I'd use a more conventional woven or larch lap type fencing. I'm sure you'd be disappointed by the stuff we're discussing.

20 Mar, 2011

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