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My Sky Box died whilst recording Gardeners World!! Argh!! does anyone know if it's repeated midweek? I don't think it's on iPlayer.....



it will be on iplayer - if not now then by tomorrow - I always watch it on there and listen to radio 4 gardeners question time - which i love :)

18 Mar, 2011


Just noticed you are in Aberdeenshire too :) And have a new build blank canvas like me - how are you getting on with it?

18 Mar, 2011


It's on iplayer -

It's on to watch live - see the link from the page above, then it will be on iplayer for 3 months.

18 Mar, 2011


Ace, I'll watch it tonight ... as my Sky box is still dead and the OH is still offshore! I had loads of films ready to watch too :(
Laura .... now that the weather MIGHT be starting to improve it looks like we'll be able to get going with some landscaping. Going to hire a turf cutter from GPH shortly ... that'll save some back breaking work ... then get Dad over with his rotovator and a couple of trailers of well rotted manure! The ground still seems very sodden though it's virtually clay and it'll take a lot of drying out.
The OH and I have sat and made plans - it's amazing how much they vary but I can imagine I'll get my way as it the garden is my domain :) ... plus he has very expensive tastes .... he seems to want it very modern and 'clean' which I think will date and won't really go with the house. I just want some borders, a nice patio and some pretty flowers... and a greenhouse if I bat my eyelashes enough!

19 Mar, 2011

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