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Rose-- climbing or rambling prolific bloomer that will look well with yellow. Not rambling rector or seagull etc--too rampant for the space! There are so many wonderful-looking roses in the catalogues but it's difficult to tell how well they would perform. I wondered whether any of you could recommend something you've found to be reliable? Thank you.



Is 'Pinata' rose still available?

19 Mar, 2011


I love my alberic barbier - semi evergreen too, lovely creamy white flowers throughout june

20 Mar, 2011


Both of these look lovely although I'm not sure that the gorgeous Pinata is entirely hardy is it?
Alberic Barbier sounds good but would it easily get out of control I wonder? I read that it is a strong grower. I like the sound of semi evergreen though.
Thank you both for these suggestions. I must make up my mind very soon!

21 Mar, 2011


school girl will look good with it which is a carmine and silver colour and scented, Ena Harkness which is a deep red colour and scented, Altissimo which is a cluster climber its red and long flowering and scented, New Dawn which is pink and scented.
All of these are climbers and should all blend with what youve got ,Ive got 3 blended with mine and they are a mixture of red , pink and yellow

21 Mar, 2011


I believe that Pinata is hardy to -8ยบ C, or probably lower, without protection.

22 Mar, 2011

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