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Getting rid of Borage


By Pippa

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

My front garden has lots of borage growing in it and I have tried everything to get rid of it...weed killer, digging it all up and salt on the broken stems but it still keeps coming up. Has anyone got any other ideas, please?



Borage is as bad as mint for spreading and taking over the garden. Digging up all the roots would do the job,but not an easy solution if its taken over.You need to get those roots so something systemic like RoundUp is a good weedkiller,sprayed when the plants are growing well it would be taken down.Just need a lot of care about surrounding plants that you want to keep.

8 Feb, 2008


Yes, I would also go with RoundUp, use a large piece of Cardboard as a sheild for other plants in close proximity.

8 Feb, 2008


The other way of protecting plants in the area when spraying round up is to cut the bottom out of a large plastic plant pot and spray through it, the idea is that the mist only goes where you want it to go and not on valued plants

12 Feb, 2008


Thankyou for the replies to my queston. I am going to have another go at digging it up and applying some Round Up to the plants growing out of the path.

22 Feb, 2008


In France borage is used as a green manure - dug back in, but before it (prolifically) self seeds and it's also good on the compost.

12 Mar, 2008

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