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Hi, my front garden is all grass, but is a bit uneven, i am thinking of rotovateing it to level it off, will the grass grow back?



That sounds a bit drastic, Pg. People generally rotovate when they want to get rid of something and start again. The grass you have won't grow back, you will have bare earth which will gradually sprout a mixture of weeds and grass, which isn't what you want?! Hiring a heavy roller might be a better idea.

If you could put a photo on here, you will get plenty of helpful suggestions for improving your front garden (if you need them).

19 Mar, 2011


The grass will not grow back. If you want to start again then this is a good time to lay rolls of turf but you will need to make a good sound flat surface first because if you rotovate the earth will be soft and uneven

19 Mar, 2011


Thanks for the reply, would rotovateing it and then reseeding it be an option?

19 Mar, 2011


Its not as simple as that though PG81 - if you rotavate, you'd still need to remove any pernicious weeds, stems and roots (dandelion, dock, thistle, buttercup) or they'll regrow from the chopped bits the rotavator's left behind. Secondly, once rotavated, you'd need to level off, then heel walk all over to get out soft spots, stir the top up again, re level and then walk over it again, then rake up the top to a fine tilth, let it settle for a week, relevel and then sow the seed.
Is it not possible to use some decent topsoil and level off the hollows and pits in the current lawn and add a bit of seed to the top if necessary?

19 Mar, 2011

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