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What to grow between pavers?
I have a backyard patio. It gets dappled sun, but I would say mostly shady. The ground underneath the pavers can get pretty soggy. I want to grown something that would be tolerant of walking on and something that'll start to fill in the cracks. We have left about two inches spacing between the pavers. What should I put? I've considered moss, but I don't know what my other options are. Also, the pavers are large, not sure if that matters. They are about 2 feet square.



I've got various types of Thyme between my 2ft square slabs, which are fragrant when walked on. Also some Chamomile, but the non-flowering sort are better as the flowers look a bit messy. Tiny violets look good too, but maybe at the edges where they won't get trampled?

19 Mar, 2011


The gaps you've left are pretty wide and could fill up with weeds if you don't plant them up so the space is already occupied. I let the nearby pansies self seed in between my paving slabs - if they get walked on, then tough.
Thyme and other low-growing herbs like camomile are traditional for growing between paving but may need more sun than you have. Give one or two a go and see how they get on.

There's a website for a nursery called "Stepables". They're in Oregon, I think, but sell through garden centres and on ebay. There's a plant selector, have a look here-

19 Mar, 2011


Maybe Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium)?

19 Mar, 2011

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