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Just arrived at the office and the neighbouring garden centre as thrown out these:

The label says Arancio 'Citrus Sinensus'

they obviously look damaged but i was wondering does anyone know what with, why?

Im thinking of taking them if i can realistically save them..they are rather big but may look good in the courtyard..

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The only reason a GC throws anything out is because it is a dead as the dodo. Anything that sat unprotected in pots over last winter would have been frozen solid for months. No uptake of water into the roots equals dead tree. Sorry Skipscandel the sweet orange is not hardy in this climate in any case grows in Mediterranean countries.

20 Mar, 2011


Myself I would take them, who knows with a bit of tlc they may come back to life, I have taken several plants that the garden center have thrown out and they lived, and if they donĀ“t live you can still throw them out...after all they are for free and they will cost you nothing.....well worth a try I would say.

20 Mar, 2011


I would agree Rogi, I once got an acer which looked beyond hope but is doing well after a bit of tlc !!!
anyway if they don,t survive you will have 2 free tubs lol

20 Mar, 2011


thank you everyone for the replies..i did decide to take the smaller of the two and its currently in an open garage..i think i might repot it and provide it with fresh compost and a feed find the longest sunshine place and see how it goes..thanks again for the responses

21 Mar, 2011


they probably have NOT been watered and are probably root bound,
ive bought plants reduced only because they cant be bothered to water them , and once ive got them home sorted them out after a few days they have perked up

21 Mar, 2011

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