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I have seperate products for a lawn moss killer and a lawn weed killer. Can I use the weed killer on the same day (or close to the same day) as the moss killer before the lawn is scarified and then seeded/fed?



You could use them more or less at the same time, except for one thing - you mention seeding. If you want to put any seed down, no chemical treatments, particularly the feed, should be applied in the preceding six week period, and not for 6-8 weeks afterwards. However, as they're liquid treatments, check the bottles - they may say a shorter time period, since the liquid doesn't sit on the surface for as long as granular treatments, so you may only have to wait 2 weeks before seeding. But don't apply any other treatments for at least 8 weeks afterwards.

21 Mar, 2011


Many thanks bamboo. I have just today applied a liquid moss killer so, may I ask what you would suggest I do now. I realise that I have to wait a while for the moss to die before I scarify. Should I then, after scarifying, apply the seed, then wait for about 6 weeks before I do anything else? I was planning to use 'Verdone Extra' on the weeds as this seems to be the recommended thing(mainly buttercups - the lawn is thick with them-, clover - again, loads of the stuff and daisy). What should I do first, weed kill then feed (a nitrogen feed I think I've read somewhere) or feed then weedkill? Sorry if this sounds a bit stupid but I've never had to deal with lawns before!

21 Mar, 2011


Hmm, well, lots of questions there, so let's take 'em one by one. First, check the mosskiller instructions - it may, or may not, say when it becomes inactive or absorbed, so you know how long it'll be before you can sow seed. But to be honest, I'd wait till next week, apply the Verdone and a lawn food (good to do them together, but not before April), rake out the moss when its all gone black, and see how many weeds you've got left and if there are any major bald patches. Chances are, you'll need two applications spaced apart of the Verdone (again, look at the instructions as to how long to leave it) for the weeds to be killed off, if they ever are. So I guess I'm saying I'd concentrate on clearing the moss and weeds and feed the lawn before thinking about any seeding which might necessary - if the bald areas aren't large, you might find the grass colonizes the areas anyway. Remember, a good time to sow grass seed is September too - it germinates quickly and grows rapidly because the soil's still warm, so you can do it then if you've not been able to before and it still needs it.

21 Mar, 2011


Thank you very much bamboo. I appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions. I'll let you know how I get on!

21 Mar, 2011


Sorry Bamboo. I have two final questions. If I don't get rid of the moss in one 'killing', can I give the lawn another application of moss killer later in the season or during the summer?

Also would you recommend the use of lawn sand in the autumn? This is something I've only just read about and I'm not sure if I can get it here in Belgium so would buy it during a trip home to the UK.

Thanks in anticipation. Sorry to be a pest!

21 Mar, 2011


Few things about moss colonization in lawns - first, it always appears in shady areas of lawn, secondly, it will be worse after a hot dry summer when the lawn has not been watered, thirdly, aeration and scarification in autumn help, and use of lawn sand after that procedure should help to keep it at bay. But don't use it if you have pets who may be walking across the lawn after you've applied it, you'd need to keep them off for a good couple of weeks. Aeration at this time of year will help too - moss likes poorly drained, damp and dank places. Usually moss killer is very effective, should see it off in one application.

21 Mar, 2011


Thanks again bamboo. I won't be using lawn sand then as I have two cats who do a twice daily inspection of the estate!

The whole lawn was scarified and aerated last autumn but it obviously needs another go. Indeed the worst area is in the shade of the house and we've got heavy clay! I guess I'll just have to keep at it. No rest for the wicked...

21 Mar, 2011

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