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My Gardenia gets buds but the buds dry up and fall off before they flower. The plant looks really healthy I use Miracle grows acidic fertilizer.. I dont know whats wrong. It is in good soil. Help :( It gets sun and filtered sun.




Hi SDavis1110.

Your plant looks in reasonable shape though there is a little yellowing to the edges of some of the leaves at the ends of some stems I can see in your photo.

The bud drop though is likely to be one or two things. Coming from central Africa, it needs high humidity to hold its flower buds or they will drop. It needs good light too so not too shady. When you water it, a good soak, then let it get slightly dry at the surface of the compost before another good soaking.

Is that a clay pot or a plastic pot? Clay is better as it lets the roots breath too.

21 Mar, 2011


Thank you Fractal!

It is a plastic pot. I just transplanted it, not sure if I can do it again, do you know?

What is the cause of the yellow leaf edges.. my Gardenia has them, my young Valencia Orange tree and my mature Meyer Lemon too.

I live in a dry climate hot in the summer and can drop below freezing a few times in the winter.

I am obviously a new gardener but am trying so hard... I cant even get star jasmine to grow. I can make it live but it isnt getting any bigger AT ALL.

Well, your help is appreciated and I am thankful for your advice.

23 Mar, 2011


Bud drop can be caused by high levels of sodium (see your second question) irregular watering, or too frequent watering. Remember also that Miracid needs to be applied every two weeks like clockwork in containers. Plastic containers are good enough, as long as you don't water too often. Switch to terracotta clay the next time you repot--maybe this fall--for an upgrade.

23 Mar, 2011

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