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How do I get rid of bald patches??

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Hello everyone!
First time caller here....
Me and my wife bought a new property last May and had a fairly nice plush back lawn. However, we bought a sand pit for our daughter and kept it in the same place in the garden for a couple of months. When we put it away for the winter, low and behold the grass had all died away and now we just have a big patch of soil with no grass at all.

I have tried sprinkling the Evergreen grass seeds on it but even after it has rained, the seeds haven't taken. This was 6 months ago.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can invigorate the grass growth in this area again?

Many thanks




Sounds like it might be quite a small area. If it were me I would lightly dig and re-level that area then buy a roll of turf and lay it. Perfect time of year to do it too.

26 Sep, 2008


Dis you protect the seed against Birds and Mice by covering with fleece?

26 Sep, 2008


I agree with Inverglen.
1- 2 rolls of turf, not expensive and the ideal time of year to lay it.

26 Sep, 2008


A least you learned a lesson in gardening plants need light or they die!!! Inverglen has the answer.

27 Sep, 2008

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