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I live in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. I have a Gunnera plant that I rescued from a neighbours garden where it wasn't doing well. At the moment it is in a pot on my sundeck but plan to put it back in to my garden. How should I prepare the hole to place the Gunnera in? Also fyi the area it is going in is mostly sunny and usually more damp than other areas of the garden. Anything else you can offer for assistance would be great!
Hoping to hear your reply soon. Sandi Duncan



Likes moist soil which is humus rich, so enrich it with composted materials when you dig it over before planting. Needs protection during winter - usual procedure here is to fold the leaves over the crown in autumn and cover with something. How effective that will be in your much colder winters I'm not too sure. Nice part of the world you're in - I have relatives in Kelowna.

21 Mar, 2011


Great info. Actually our winters here on the south-west coast of B.C. don't get harsh like they do the rest of the province. I'm in a outer area of Vancouver by the water called Richmond (next to the major airport). We get the mild weather and winds mostly off the ocean (quite often coming up from the south - sometimes Hawaii). The coldest it usually gets at the worst might be -7 celius.
I had the Gunnera wrapped up in bubble wrap and tucked up against the house and now if looks like a ton of new growth is coming up. Yay...I didn't kill it. So the next move is to pop it in to the earth. Wish me luck!

22 Mar, 2011


I have only seen these in gardens to visit as I dont have room for this in my garden.

They do get big but are beautiful.

Good luck in planting can we see a before and after photo please.

22 Mar, 2011


Well my Gunnera is now in the ground. Lots of new growth. It needs to warm up some and get some sunny days to get things moving even more. It has been unseasonably cool and wet lately. On the plus side all the flowering cherry trees around the city are in full bloom and look spectacular!!!

10 Apr, 2011


Oh dear, Sunny girl, sorry about your weather - I live on the edge of London, and we've had 'summer' here for the last week and a half - 21/22 deg. C during the day, far too hot for digging, thanks, lol. Clouding over now though, and a return to 'average' temperatures from tomorrow, which should be around 12 to 14 deg.

11 Apr, 2011

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