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Can anyone name this plant?

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Can anyone name this plant? I've noticed recently a lot of the leaves are turning brown aswell, so need to find out the best way to care for it but don't know it's name.
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some kind of phormium maybe

27 Sep, 2008


Looks like phormium to me too.

27 Sep, 2008


I suggest thinning the leaves, there are too many for the root system, thats why they are browning, I should remove all browning leaves.

27 Sep, 2008


I find my phormiums always have a few leaves turning brown over the course of a season even though I thin them in spring - I think it's something they do naturally

27 Sep, 2008



27 Sep, 2008


I agree with the others, it is a Phormium Tenax or New Zealand Flax. The best way to keep it looking at its best is to trim off the dead leaves at the base. I don't wait til spring like Andrew, as I am too impatient to make it look nicer! They seem to respond quite well to fairly regular pruning.

28 Sep, 2008

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