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What veg and plants are fond of Ash?

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

I have a lot of left over ash in the bottom of my garden burner. I would like to use it on the garden, particularly veg. Can anyone tell me what veg/plants are fond of ash in the soil?



I believe Wood Ash is good 4 the SOIL what ever plant lives in it???? But ud best find out more b4u do just dig it in ok : )

10 Feb, 2008


We have an open wood burning fire in the house and dig the ashes into the soil or spread it on the surface and water in. I've found it great for improving the soil.

11 Feb, 2008


We throw our ash from wood burner onto the compost heap. It's full of potash. I believe it's best to use it while fresh. If it gets left standing around and gets wet then the goodness drains out of it.

12 Feb, 2008


It needs to be just wood ash - no coal residue etc! It contains potash - so is particularly good for flowering and fruiting plants. If you have fruit trees/bushes etc - scatter it generously around the roots - preferably in about march/april - just as they are about to make flowers. We always hoard our woodash through the winter - keeping it dry - then treat all our fruit plants!

13 Feb, 2008

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