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By Meanie

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Further to Windy 64's question, I'd like to ask a further question regarding the answers.
It was said that the plant may be reverting back to it's non-varigated form - is this common?
The reason that I ask is that I have an Iris japonica with the "dreaded" (because I hate them) varigated leaves. There are a few new bits coming through with plain green leaves - if I separate them will the whole plant become non-varigated? This plant would be perfect (in my eyes) with darker green leaves!



yes if you take the variegated bits off it will be all green. I must admit I dont always like the variegated forms of some plants.

24 Mar, 2011


You'd better keep away from my new variegated Philadelphus then, Meanie! LOL.

24 Mar, 2011


Thanks Seaburngirl - Time to snip a bit off!

You're safe Spritz!

24 Mar, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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