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Any suggestions as to where to buy conservatories? We had a look in our local Dobbies - were HORRIFIED at the prices they're charging, but at least we've decided that the 8x6 is probably the size for us.
Ideally we'd like a wooden one - Dobbies are about £2K but I've seen some new joinery made ones on Ebay for £900, but unsure about them as we obviously can't see what we're buying.
Some of the wood ones in Dobbies felt a bit 'rickety' as Steve gave them a pit of a push about, saying "mmm not sure they'd stand up very well to our winds" whereas the aluminium ones seem a lot more substantial to the push test!
The reason we like the wood ones is that they look a lot more natural and organic in the garden compared to the metal ones.
Has anyone else bought online - any websites they can recommend??



Do you mean a conservatory or a greenhouse, which is what you seem to be referring to.

The ones on display may well have just been sitting on concrete rather than properly sited.

25 Mar, 2011


Yes MG I did mean greenhouse :) the ones in Dobbies appear to be bolted on to slabs but the whole frame (on the wood ones especially) seemed a bit ropey!

We saw a decent deal in our local Costco for a galvanised one for under £400 but it was for a 6x10, Steve said he could cut it down to 6x8 but I'm sure it wouldn't work......

30 Mar, 2011


I don't think it is possible to cut a greenhouse down in size. If you've got room for the larger one I'd go for it... you'll soon have it full to the brim! The aluminium ones probably are sturdier and you can get a green coated one. Ours are both just the plain aluminium ones and I never really notice.

30 Mar, 2011


Thanks MG, but I think for the space we have, an 6x8 is probably perfect.
We've seen this one that seems v. reasonable but it's hard to tell their quality on a website:
Do you know anywhere in NE Scotland we could see some in the flesh? I don't mind travelling to see it providing it can be delivered :)

30 Mar, 2011


No idea about seeing greenhouses 'in the flesh' delivery to your/our area will always been expensive (check any website!). Good luck!

30 Mar, 2011

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