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Can I plant old runner bean seeds?


By Happy

YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom Gb

While I was clearing the shed I found an old runnerbean pod,do you think I should plant and see,it must be at least 2-3 yrs old

On plant Phaseolus coccineus (Runner bean)



Beans should be good for germination up to 3 years, so nothing to lose by planting them.

11 Feb, 2008


But nothing much to gain. why take the risk. You will have wasted a growing opportunity.

11 Feb, 2008


Just a few bean seeds in a few pots on a windowsill, why not take a chance? What risk? It's not a life threatening thing to do!!!!!!! You will have either a few nice bean plants or a few empty pots of soil - no problem. I wish you all the best LOL

11 Feb, 2008



12 Feb, 2008


Hi happy, yes i agree with Darryluk and Andrea, you have nothing to loose, unless this crop is essential - which i doubt that it is then there is no risk at all. you can always buy some new seed and plant them as well at the same time, then you won't miss any 'growing opportunity' you can just pick the ones that look best once they come up, to plant out if you are limited for space or 'growing opportunity' lol any extra plants can be given away if you don't have room. good luck.

12 Feb, 2008


I had some old seed so soaked overnight then put on wet kitchen roll until started to germinate. I have now tried nicking the seed with a scalpel and using wet kitchen roll - still mixed results. But asking friends for fresh seed means I could potentially now be commercial runner bean producer!

1 May, 2020

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