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Sweet Peas

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I was given a sweet pea this year in May, repotted it in a nice big pot. It's sent out lots of trailers but no flowers at all! It was looking a bit sick when I got it - any idea why it wouldn't flower? It only gets full sun for a couple of hours a day



The lack of sun may be the problem but are you sure it isn't a perennial sweet pea?

If it is then it is not uncommon to get no flowers the first year. If it is the annual one (the one with the heavenly smell - perennial version has none) then I'm afraid you have had it.

2 Oct, 2008


sweet peas are very hungry you need to feed them general purpose fertiliser will do. Perennials will flower but cut back now and they will come again. They do like the sun so maybe what ever the sweet pea they are in too much shade. If you do get flowers now keep them on let them get fertilized collect the seeds .. store till spring and sow you will get another crop!. Sometimes sweet peas will look mildewy on the leaves ..spray with mildew /fungus killer and see if that helps otherwise trim back to healthy growth.

4 Oct, 2008

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