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i have just put my bush rose in to a larger pot its the second time in a month ,will it survive a move into a garden



Wow, Ann! Why so often? The history may have a bearing on how it will do.

25 Mar, 2011


well i might be going to move into a bungalow thats got a garden what ive got now is a courtyard full of pots

26 Mar, 2011


thanks for your comments tugbrethil

26 Mar, 2011


Yes, of course it will, though it might not survive being contained in a pot unless its a very small rose.

26 Mar, 2011


...or a very large pot! No idea what rose it is ann?

26 Mar, 2011


My main concern is how often it has been moved already. Twice in one month?She might want to leave it in the pot for a month or two to let it come out of shock, before giving it another one. Admittedly, late spring or summer planting means religious watering.

27 Mar, 2011


sorry karensuane i dont know what the rose is i got it from morrisons for two pounds i dont think i will be going to the bungalow its rural and i cant drive so the rose will stay in its pot for now thanks for your advice everyone

27 Mar, 2011


Ann...It seems you've not long joined GoY so I thought I'd welcome you to this nice, friendly community of all things gardening/pets.

I'm sorry you can't go to the bungalow and have a garden; it will have to be pots for now. I hope you have a good measure of success with your rose bush in the pot.

Good luck with the computer...I'm sure I read on your profile page that you were new to computing. Nice to have you on board. Would this be a little grandaughter in your photo by any chance? She's a cutie :) I am nana to 4 grandchildren...

27 Mar, 2011


thanks whinstonlass sorry for any mistakes i make getting to old for all this new fangled stuff hopeless with the laptop and spelling' and yes the picture is of my 7yr old grandaughter i have 4 grandaughters and 1 grandson

27 Mar, 2011


Congratulations on your grandchildren, and also welcome on my part, Ann! I'm sorry to seem like such a nosy parker, but any detail can help improve your chances with the bush. Fortunately, roses are far more resilient and adaptable plants than most people think, so it will probably be just fine. The keys to success are a large pot (50+ cm tall and wide), good compost, and regular watering and feeding. Best wishes, Tug.

28 Mar, 2011

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