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How many years before self-sown Pyracantha flowers?


By Elleme

Greater London, England Eng

I have a self-sown plant growing against my fence which I'm fairly sure is a Pyracantha, although the leaves are smaller than the shop-bought one I have. It has never flowered yet, although I suspect may have pruned it at the wrong times for a couple of years, which I'll avoid doing next time.

How many years would it normally take for a seed-grown pyrancantha to start flowering and fruiting?

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Probably 3 or 4 years, this one looks fit enough. Its a bit late but try feeding it now with some Tomato fertilizer, scratch it into the surface and water heavily to make sure it gets some feed before it gets too cold..

3 Oct, 2008


I suspect it's already been growing for a good 3 years, maybe even 4 but it's on a north-facing fence, maybe it'll start flowering now that it's starting to edge above it and getting more sun. I'll give it a go with the feeding, thanks!

3 Oct, 2008

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