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Hi everybody,
Has anyone had any experience with hardy geraniums Double Jewel, Southcombe double and Pratense violacae plena? I bought a Double Jewel from Marshalls this year but it has turned up its toes without making any apparent effort to grow. I would like to try again but not if its a difficult one.



Lord, my geography's appalling, I'm trying to decide where Pembrokeshire is, lol! It might be a bit early to be seeing growth if its a colder part of the country, Steragram, so wait awhile yet, but I haven't experience of any of these myself - being an old, distrusting cynic, I always wait a few years before trying new introductions, I've lost count of the 'fabulous and fully hardy' new things introduced over the years which turned out to be anything but.

28 Mar, 2011


Its definitely dead, Bamboo! Pembrokeshire is the furthest South West corner of Wales. I've given up on Double Jewel and gone for something else, but I did want a white fairly low growing one, having a bed that has rather a lot of purply pink ones. I use them to make a barrier between the cultivated bit and the wild bank behind, which they do very well, but the colour is a bit overwhelming in midsummer! I guess asking for a white low grower that flowers all summer was being a bit optimistic anyway.

29 Mar, 2011

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