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Nitrogen Feed for Ivys?


I had planted IVYs to cover north front fence last year in August. They were very small plants (from 9cm pots) when planted.
They have survived the winter and have grown a bit but I want them to grow quicker to cover my fence this year.

I guess the main growin season in April - September and I wish to feed htese IVYs nitrogen rich food like dried blood.

Is that right?

I know that IVYs are strong growers and could be left on their own or some all purpose plant food;
but I love IVYs and I want them to grow quickly to cover my front fence with nice leaves without any yellowing etc.

Thanks for any suggestions




Apply Growmore or Vitax Q4 to the base and rake or stir it into the soil. Repeat in six to eight weeks, and then no more.

29 Mar, 2011


I thought I had replied to you last year on this.

Wanted to thank you for answering my questions always.

I did follow your advice about growmore on Ivies.
They have done good last year and have shown godd growth. They have covered little more than half of my trellis fence.

I am doing the same this year with growmore as you had advised. Hopefully next year this time I will have them covering all of the fence.

Thanks for your responses.


9 Jul, 2012


Aye, you'll soon be needing the hedgetrimmer twice a year, lol!

9 Jul, 2012

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