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What Clematis to face east against a grey stone wall?

West Somerset, England Eng

Has anyone got any ideas for Clematis to face East against a grey stone wall? I think I might have room to put two together to flower at different seasons - will have to be pale colours to stand out. Not a montana - too rampant. A sturdy C. viticella? What else? I'd appreciate some ideas. Thanks.

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Don't forget the pruning. If they flower at different times, they will need pruning at different times and if they've become too friendly, you're making a difficult job for yourself. I've currently got 'Guernsey Cream' scrambling over my garrya on an east-facing wall - flowers about June. 'Nelly Moser' will also appreciate not being in full sun (she fades in too much light)

13 Feb, 2008


It may also be too rampant - but tangutica is excellent - lush flowers and lovely seedheads too!

13 Feb, 2008


Yes, Hoya, I inherited no less than three tanguticas and they certainly are rampant! Thanks for the thought. Andrew, I had considered the pruning problem and have come across an evergreen Clematis called 'Early Sensation' which only grows to about 6', has small white flowers in spring and requires no pruning! I think that will be one. I'd like a pale-ish pink one for the summer, I think. 'Guernsey Cream' looks good, I shall check it out - for elsewhere!!!. I still have a few feet of unclothed fence and/or We are going to buy a wider section of trellis to give the new babies a bit of space. I have Nelly on a north facing fence where she is not doing too well - could be she needs a feed, maybe.

13 Feb, 2008


How about 'Hagley Hybrid'? A large-flowered pale pink variety that flowers from early summer to late autumn (according to my clematis book). Only grows to 8 or 9 feet and prefers shade

14 Feb, 2008


I've chosen - for better, for worse (sounds like a wedding!) I did buy the C.'Early Sensation' and a C.'Scartho Gem' which is pink and flowers later than the other one. Not a rampant grower, so it should be OK on the wall. Thanks, guys, for your suggestions!

14 Feb, 2008

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