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Tacitus (graptopetalum bellum, or so it says on the label!)

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I bought the original plant a couple of years ago in flower (lovely little starry flowers). I think I probably over-watered it to start off, because it rotted a bit, but then each leaf started to make a plantlet. These were planted up in half and half compost and sand, and have all thrived, including what remained of the original! Can I do anything to encourage them to flower, and what sort of compost shall I pot up the babies in, so not to repeat my experience with the parent plant?

On plant Graptopetalum bellum




Looks an interesting plant. I would water by standing it in a tray and bottom water (let them suck up what they want). I would let them get quite dry before you water as well. I'm a culprit for over watering too esp with house plants.

Gritty compost I would think for the babies. Maybe get a cactus compost.

Don't get water on the rosettes.

They look nice healthy plants.

7 Oct, 2008


They are related to Sedums and Crassula. They need a very well drained soil. You can even grow them in straight 5mm grit if you feed them with dilute Baby Bio at every watering. (A good idea for anyone who over waters. Grow the plants in gravel and water with warmed dilute feed as often as you feel like!) Otherwise as suggested a very gritty compost. Do not use a peat based one though, Vine weevils love these plants and that compost. Try 1/3 sharp sand and 5mm grit, 1/3 composted bark and 1/3 sterile top soil.

7 Oct, 2008


Thanks for that, Judirumble and Owdboggy. Looks like they need my normal regime, which is to ignore them until they wilt! Vine weevils should not be a problem, as I don't used peat based compost, and they haven't been allowed out of the house yet. (I sincerely hope there are no vine weevils on my bedroom window sill!) Feeding frequently with dilute feed - will that get them to flower, or just give me nice healthy leaves?

10 Oct, 2008


I would only feed them if I grew them in pure grit, otherwise they usually do not need it. Flowering is stimulated by sunlight, so give them some time outside in Summer when there is no danger of frost.

10 Oct, 2008


Aha! That's it! Through the glass probably not giving them enough sun - out they go, next summer. Thanks again.

13 Oct, 2008

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