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Overwintering Coreopsis grandiflora


By Boxer

nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

ive got coreoopsis in my garden and ive bin told to treat them as dahlias for winter and let them go black and cut them back could you advice on this please

On plant Coreopsis grandiflora



Hi Boxer. I have several different Coreopsis in my garden in the mild SW. I find that some types come through the winter fine, by just cutting the stems to the ground in the autumn, while others are not quite hardy and need replacing each year. I hope that yours will survive, but don't be surprised if they don't. The hardiest that I have is C.verticillata, which comes back up each year regularly. Good luck with yours.

7 Oct, 2008


Hi Boxer, yes Coreopsis perennials are hardy plants and should winter over in your flower beds, cut them back to the base in late Autumn. Don't let your ground get waterlogged. You can divide the plants when they are three years old.

7 Oct, 2008


I found I can only keep them by a) growing them in very well-drained soil in sun and b) not cutting down the top growth until spring. Having said that, you don't want water sitting in the old foliage at ground level over winter either. As you can see, there is more than one train of thought for this so it's more a case of experimenting and see what works for you!

7 Oct, 2008


thankyou for your advice on coreopsis i will do what you say and let you know i am gratefull for the help i moved here in 2006 but this is my first season really as i had to clear so much rubbish from the garden

10 Oct, 2008

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