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Fungus/mould on tree stump

I cut down a Silver Birch last November. After applying RoundUp tree stump killer the picture shows what the stump looks like late March 2011, 5 months later.

Do I need to be concerned by the stump's appearance? The plan is, later this year, to dig out the stump.

Thanks for any thoughts

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ugh, very unpleasant looking. It might be the way the Round up tree stump killer works, I don't know, never use that one, always use SBK poured into pre drilled holes, and certainly they never, ever look like this. But at least the thing's not growing, and fungus is perfectly normal on dead wood, it's part of the breaking down process.

2 Apr, 2011


Yes it's nasty!

Your comments were my thoughts also i.e it's just breaking down and some spores have decised to make the rotting stump it's home. I drilled holes into the stump before applying the Round Up. Spring bulbs around the stump are popping up nicely, the lawn around the stump looks good too so I presume I don't need to be overly concerned.

2 Apr, 2011

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