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I really liked the old format of this website. I can't seem to use this format as well. Can someone please tell me how I find my long list of plants> I can only find a few of them. I am looking for the name of my camellia that I bought last year and I can't seem to track it down.



Great, look to the top of the site's page.
It will say 'Hi Great/Whoever ' Your Options.
Click on the arrow that points down.
From the drop down list click 'Your News'
Next you'll see all the options, literally.
Click on the flower symbol and that's the list of the plants in your garden.

You'll be going into this same screen every time you read your Private Messages and the posts you've commented on - except then you would have clicked on 'News' and 'Messages'.

2 Apr, 2011


Thanks Louise 1 I guess I didn't put a picture of it under plants then, as I can't find it. Found it now under a blog I wrote

3 Apr, 2011

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