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My tiny camellia of last year has grown quite a lot. Which is the best way to tie it in? Should I use string or those plastic disc's that you see around bamboo or should I put green mess behind it?



Bit startled by the green 'mess' until I worked out you meant mesh, lol! You don't have to tie it in at all, it's not a climber, its a freestanding shrub, Great.

2 Apr, 2011


LOL Bamboo, yes typo! I've just checked it out. It will grow to 13 feet high and 13 feet across. Oops I bought the wrong one, my garden is small. Thought it was cheap, didn't have the height or spread on the packet. Think I got it from Ldil for £2.99 last year, thought I'd bagged a bargain. I planted it near the fence!! It had what looked like a codling moth attached to a leaf bug yesterday. Got rid of it. Should I feed it Bamboo?

3 Apr, 2011


Not specially - just the usual Growmore or Vitax Q4 when you're turning the soil over at this time of year. If you planted it too close to the fence, take the opportunity to move it at least a foot, preferably 2 feet away if you've space. They're pretty slow growing, it won't reach that size for some years.

3 Apr, 2011


That's my job for today then, thanks x

9 Apr, 2011

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