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I cannot remember the name of this plant ceri?? japonica?
A friend wants some does it seed or how do i take a cutting or do I dig and divide roots and just plant?
thanks for any help

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Hello Lady gardener, its called Kerria japonica and for propagating i always find if you dig down a little you can easily obtain a nice clump which always take very easily. julian.

3 Apr, 2011


thanks so much will give my friend some now as its out in full bloom!!

3 Apr, 2011


Don't dig it up now when it is flowering, wait until later in the year.

3 Apr, 2011


If you get a decent cump you will have no problem, however, the flowers are at their best now and in a few weeks will start to fade, but next year your freind will be so greatfull, make sure the new planting position is weed free and incrporate some decent compost and give it a good bucketfull of water and keep it well watered through the coming seasons, it will be ideal to prepare the hole in advance of planting then dig out a decent clump and transfer. julien

3 Apr, 2011


This is a Kerria japonica pleniflora. i find it very invasive. It sends out runners which you can give to your friend without disturbing the main plant. I would plant it with a root barrier to stop it becoming a nuisance. There is also a five petalled single flowered version. I keep mine because it grows to well over 8'

4 Apr, 2011

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