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By Malckey

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

hello all, i took a picture of this insect today, would love to know if anyone knows what it is please




Could it be the humming bird moth, i know they have a long proboscus and love the nectar of Valerians, but not sure ,have not seen a picture of one so it will be interesting to find out for sure from someone.julien

3 Apr, 2011


yes I think it is a humming bird moth too. lovely insects.

3 Apr, 2011


Hi there,

Iit's possibly a bee fly, as the wings don't look very moth like.
Happy gardening

3 Apr, 2011


Bit early for humming bird moths... and the wings don't look like moth wings to me agree with thechicknenl... bee fly

Copy and paste this url to see a photo and description of

3 Apr, 2011


Yes definitely a bee fly

3 Apr, 2011


Yup! Bee fly. Love them - they seem to have their own little personalities.

4 Apr, 2011


thankyou to all who replied, its first time i have seen an insect like that

4 Apr, 2011

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