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Identify three plants please ...

The first two photos are Heucheras ... I would like to know the varieties please ... I realise some heuchera leaf types and colours are very similar to others, but please give your best guess.

The third pic. is just a flower I can't recall the name..Lol.

Thanks in advance for answering my questions. :o)

Qp1000742 Qp1000743 Qp1000744



The flowering one is Lunaria, commonly known as Honesty. As for the Heucheras, not sure, there are now, as you say, so many different hybrids, but I'd take a guess that the top one is the bog standard, original heuchera with purple leaves, think its called Palace Purple or something, the forerunner of all the more recent ones. Can can for the 2nd one, possibly, looks a bit more frilly?

4 Apr, 2011


Thanks Bamboo ...

the Lunaria must have been flown in by a bird ... it has sprouted near one of my bird baths ...
... as far as I know, that plant has not grown in my gardens before.

Yes, Palace Purple would seem right... but Cancan doesn't ring a bell as matching anything I remember having bought in the past ...

Thanks again.. :o)

4 Apr, 2011


Yep...Lunaria Tt...that reminds me I haven't any this year, but then it's hopefully next year will see some. You can get the white form too, and they keep on growing in height as they flower, you'll find this will grow and develop much taller and look more attractive......also silver seed discs in the autumn.

5 Apr, 2011

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