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Garlic Bulbs


By Mummala

United Kingdom Gb

I am trying to grow garlic unsuccessfully. Where have I gone wrong.



only buy bulbs from garden centers , supermarket ones are no good.
get autumn planting variety, and prepare ground in advance . they need some manure/fertilizer .
plant out bulbs late oct and cover with netting to stop birds digging them up.
this is all we do and it works , hope this helps you ......steve

9 Oct, 2008


Dear Steve

Thanks for your very helpful advice. Now I know where I have gone wrong. I looked at your photos and your garden looks absolutely amazing. I am so pleased I joined GoY, everyone is so helpful and friendly.

9 Oct, 2008


hi mummala,
just bought our garlics , and will plant out in a few weeks.
the crop we grew last year are being stored in the shed , in an old plastic covered metal hanging basket, hanging in the eaves , so they get plenty of air and won't rot.they will keep over winter this way(hopefully).
you are right , there is lots of good advice here , so glad i found this site!!..............steve

10 Oct, 2008

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