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i have a tree in my garden but leaves haven't come out fully yet and have no idea what it is. It looks like it could be a fruit tree, it's about 5feet tall, straight whitish trunk and leaves are starting to come out almost like on a magnolia..i am baffled



If you send a photo of the tree i am sure one of our members will be able to help identify the for you.

4 Apr, 2011


Could it belong to the Birch family?

4 Apr, 2011


More info needed I'm afraid:

"it could be a fruit tree" - what makes you say that?

"leaves are starting to come out almost like on a magnolia" - do you mean the leaves/buds are shaped like those of a Magnolia?

Has it ever flowered, what is the texture of the bark, and the overall shape of the tree?

5 Apr, 2011

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