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I have a section of my garden that is in constant shade from direct sunlight thanks to the fence that runs along the south side, blocking that part from the sun. SEE PHOTO. I've already dug a quater circle bed out of the lawn and planted it with Bleeding Heart, bluebells and Hostas, I intend to do another one in that shaded area. What shade tolerant plants would you recommend?

Thanks in advance :-)




If you scroll to the alphabet at the base of the GoY page, you can click on "S" and then on shade plants ... I hope this helps :o)

5 Apr, 2011


I had no idea that was there! <creeps off with a face of shame>

Thanks Terratoonie :-)

5 Apr, 2011


Glad to have helped... there are lots of topics you can look up in the GoYpedia alphabet :o)

I edit some of the GoYpedia categories...
Flower Pot People, Climbers, Small Garden Ideas. etc. etc...

5 Apr, 2011


I particularly love plain blue pulmonarias with Jack Snipe daffodils at this time of year. Snowdrops like shady spots. Have a look at hardy geraniums - some will grow in full shade. Lily of the valley likes a shady and even draughty corner. Euonymus emerald and gold and others look bright all the year round in a dark corner. Ferns if its not too dry. Doronicum. Plant up with busy lizzie and/or fibrous rooted begonias for summer bedding. You don't give the height of the fence but you might try growing something that will be taller so that the top catches the sun and brightens the look of that side of the garden.Surprising how effective this is, especially if you plant a distance away from the fence to expose more of it to the sunlight.If you stand in the shade and note which bit of you is in the sun you can see how tall it needs to be, bearing in mind that a lot more of it will be sunny in summer than in winter.
For shrubs try mahonia or viburnum tinus.
I have used all these successfully without too much tlc!!

5 Apr, 2011


Useful comments Steragram...
One of my GoYpedia categories in Shade Container plants, and some of your suggestions could be okay for those.. so I'm adding this Question to that category and nominated the Question for Shade Plants :o)

5 Apr, 2011


There are a truly vast number - literally thousands - of hardy, shade loving perennial plants. They all evolved to live beneath the canopy of woodland trees where light levels are naturally low.

To my mind many of the most exciting garden plants are shade lovers, and looked upon in that way, shade is the most valuable commodity in the garden. The plant choice is only limited by your tastes and preferences.

Some of my favourites are: Epimedium, Polygonatum, Asarum, Arisaema, Convallaria, Corydalis, Erythronium, numerous ferns, Anemone, Helleborus, Roscoea, Tricyrtis, Primula, Trillium, Paris, Podophyllum, Disporum ...etc.

5 Apr, 2011


Thanks Ilex... that's a useful list, and I find your comments about shade very interesting...

Any chance you could write a blog about shade plants please .. for planting in the ground and also for shade containers ?

... for alkaline soils as well as for ericaceous !

I would appreciate that very much because I can't add this question to my favourites :o(

5 Apr, 2011


Take a look at It is a small nursery that only sells plants suitable for shade and will give you some good ideas too

5 Apr, 2011


Good idea Andrew...
... I was looking at that site the other day :o)

5 Apr, 2011


Thankyou everyone for your input - I can see I'll be spending the next few hours googling all these plant names! Better get the kettle on...

5 Apr, 2011


Amazing garden map by the way ! :o)

5 Apr, 2011 add to your list.....Rambling rose...Paul's scarlet, mines in total shade and flowers beautifully, even Buddleias flower well. I have a blue Meconopsis poppy budding up now, in total shade.....can't wait to see it.....:o)

5 Apr, 2011

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