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Different coloured flowers on same polyanthus


By Bepluz

United Kingdom Gb

I have a yellow polyanthus in my garden which, on one flower head, has developed two red flowers. All the other flowers on that head and on the whole plant are yellow. I thought at first that another plant had become entangled, but the two red flowers are definitely on the same stem as the yellow ones. Is this a normal freak of nature?



Yes - just a bit of genetic coding telling those two to be different colours.

6 Apr, 2011


I like your description, 'a normal freak' !!

6 Apr, 2011


Thanks for your response, Bamboo. I shall photograph and label this particular plant, to see if it does it again next year.

Volunteer, having read my question again, I see what you mean. I suppose I was trying to ask whether what to me is a 'freak of nature' is considered to be 'normal plant behaviour' to those more knowledgeable about such things :)

7 Apr, 2011

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