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my neighbours ivy is growing over my side of the fence, it is her fence though. Can i cut down whats on my side and put it back on theirs by law?

Many thanks.



I'm adding this question to GoYpedia Climbing Plants...
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I get this problem with my neighbour's invasive ivy.. front and back gardens ... I have to cut it back or it suffocates my own plants :o(

Legally I think the ivy should be returned, to an agreed place in the neighbour's garden, or near the source of the invasive plant...

6 Apr, 2011


Maybe that is what the law says but it sounds more like a recipe for arguments and bad feeling. If you want to cut off the ivy on your side then carry on and then put it in your own recycle bin or similar. That's what most people do.

6 Apr, 2011


Best to wear gloves when you cut the ivy because many people find their skin reacts badly to touching ivy..

6 Apr, 2011


I cut it back as it breaks through the fencing if left and if the neighbours have not spoken in a week I then add it to my green bin. In 12 years they have never commented.

6 Apr, 2011


I once had a rambler rose cut off and thrown back (long story) and was quite upset that the neighbour didn't mention it to me first. In the interests of harmony I would just tell them nicely you are intending to remove it. If they are happy there will be no need to return the clippings over the fence.

6 Apr, 2011


They can't be civil about it so i've just cut it down and placed it over their fence. Whilst doing this one of them came out and started throwing it all over my garden. Whats the next step please, cos they're having back whats theirs!!!

Many thanks.

7 Apr, 2011


Careful here as things like this can escalate into an expensive problem! Pop round with a bunch of spring flowers and explain what you were doing and try to defuse the situation. Hopefully you can get them to state they do not want any bits you cut down.

7 Apr, 2011

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