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Transplant Shock - After checking the A-Z first this time, I still need to ask a question!

My mother gave me a Pulmonaria (Lungwort) from her garden and I've put it into my new bed, but it's clearly suffering from shock. I've usually seen recovery within a day, but this one is going into it's second night - can it sometimes take a few days or do we reckon it's a deadun.....?

My soil is very heavy/clay, but I thought Pulmonaria is supposed to be fine with that... perhaps it's because it's so different from my mother's soil?

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i have these in my garden and they need water water and more water,they wilt very easily,give it a bit longer to recover.

6 Apr, 2011


It also depends how much root got chopped off in the move. I think a day to recover is a bit rapid!!

6 Apr, 2011


I have moved them before and they have taken a couple of weeks before they looked 'happy-ish'.
water the soil around the plant first thing and in the evening. More if its windy. avoid hitting the plant if you can. The damp soil around the plant will encourage new roots to grow outwards.

6 Apr, 2011


If it's windy could you rig up a screen / windbreak against the wind? I got two loads of laundry dry on the line today. And arrange some shade if it's in sun.

6 Apr, 2011


If this is like my pink one its one of the less vigorous ones. Just keep it watered and it will be fine. If you are really worried and it stays very windy you can get plastic domes cheaply from Wilcos to protect it until its settled, but I think it will be OK without.

6 Apr, 2011

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