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By Millie

kent, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all you knowledgable GOY Spotted my first red Lily beetle today and lilies are only about 3 inches out of the ground, help what can I do is there a spray.



You can buy Provado in spray form which is systemic and can be used on lilies (I asked this at a recent talk where the RHS Head Entemologist was recommending it)

6 Apr, 2011


Must be the heat of the sun that has brought them out, eeeeekkk, I hate them, I squash them if I see them, but will make a note of the spray, thanks Andrew.

6 Apr, 2011


Yes they are here!! I have seen 5 so far this year.
Sadly they are no more as I squash them if I see them too. My husband says its cruel but at least its quick!Its either that or lilies with leaves like lace. :(

6 Apr, 2011


Have you seen their little stickie babies?? Yuk.

6 Apr, 2011


Yes, the larvae wander around coated in excreta and chew up the leaves and flowers. As soon as you see the slimy blobs get a damp wad of kitchen paper and wipe the tops and undersides of the leaves.
The adult red beetles are very crafty and if disturbed they drop immediately on their backs onto the soil below and are then very difficult to see. I can't cope with the finger and thumb method of sqashing (ugh!) so I hold an old empty marg tub underneath and knock them into it. Then tip them out and quickly stamp on them! You need to inspect the plants each day really.

7 Apr, 2011


Thankyou I will get the little blighters!!!!!

7 Apr, 2011


Just seen some yesterday and didn't realise it was a pest! I'm now sat at work worried for my lilies :(

18 Apr, 2011

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