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Propagation by cuttings?

Hello all, I tried to search for other questions related to this as to reduce redundancy, but had no luck. I have dabbled in seed collecting and propagation by seed. I want to try my hand at propagation by cuttings this year. I have purchased some rooting hormone. Some of the plants I am interested in propagating, I have no idea if it can be done and the best time. What are the best plants to propagate by cutting (not interested in indoor plants)? Can I take cuttings from a clematis? Hosta? Red dogwood? Azalea, Rhododendron? Bleeding heart? pieris japonica? Hydrangea? Thanks for any advice!!!! :) Happy gardening to all!



Hello laindru, most plants can be propagated, but some in different ways, cornus [dogwoods] are best done in the dormant season, either by cuttings or you can layer them, very easy to do, some shrubs can be propagated by semi ripe cuttings, hydrangas i normally do when the new growth is aprox 6 /8inches, rhododendrons, some can be layered and some can be air layered, hostas can be divided, part of the fun in propagation is experimenting, useing different material, some clematis can also be propagated, just experiment and have fun its so rewarding, Have a nice day, julien.

6 Apr, 2011


As far as I am aware (not an expert by any means!) the best way to propagate Hostas is to dig up the clump in Spring when you see the first shoots appearing and split the clump into as many plants as you require, ensuring that each clump has a healthy root system.

7 Apr, 2011


To be honest this is such a large area the best advice I can give is to suggest you go out and buy RHS book on Propagating plants.

7 Apr, 2011

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