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Identification - Firstly I was given some poppy plants by my mother which have taken very well, though they seem to have brought 2 other plants with them; I've labeled them 1 and 2 - I'm not sure what they are, though number 1 is very similar to something I regularly used to pull up in my old garden as it was nothing more than a weed. Number 2 is not very invasive, and rather pretty, but the first one is all but taking over the poppy - I'll get rid of it if it's nothing good. Secondly, she gave me a weeping willow in a pot - I assume it's a dwarf variety, though when I google it I've seen nothing that comes close to how small mine is - is there a "Super Dwarf" catagory? <giggles>

Any help with identification will be much appreciated :-)

On plant poppy

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No 1 has a lovely leaf but unsure without a flower, i grow papaver(poppy) myself and i know there quite a tough plant, it would have to be a vigorous plant to outdo a poppy..... No 2 unless someones gonna prove me wrong its definately a Iris....sorry i dont know much about weeping willow ;-)

7 Apr, 2011


Number 1 looks like a willow herb, a weed. Number 2 is an iris and I would be tempted to separate it from the poppies.

7 Apr, 2011


Oooo Bulbaholic - Willow herb it must be. After googling, I've found that it is indeed the one I used to spend half my life getting rid of... I have subsequently got shot of it. I have also split the Iris away and put it on it's own. Thanks very much to both of you for your help :-)

7 Apr, 2011

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