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This site is great. I only discovered it this afternoon but sooo many questions have been answered. Was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have a back garden that only gets the sun from about 5 in the afternoon and I was wondering what plants would like that (sorry - still finding my way around the A-Z) also this area has some grass which is mainly moss so I am assuming that the soil is not very well drained.
Can anyone help a beginner out????



Elaeagnus, Hydranga petiolaris, Aucuba, Acer,Garryia, Camellia, rhodis, azalea, skimmia, hammelis Witch hazel, quince, pyracantha, viburnham, davidii, ribes,magnolia stellata, cotinus royal purple, euonymous, just a few to muse over julien.

7 Apr, 2011


Perennials for shade - hosta, dicentra, epimedium, hardy geranium, tiarella, lily of the valley, hellebore, ferns, snakes head fritillary, some saxifrages, corydalis, vinca, primroses, aquilegia. More to muse over, or have a look under "S" for Shade Plants.

7 Apr, 2011


Sorry, as I said I am a beginner - do all shade plants like the moisture in the soil too?
There certainly seems to be a wider selection than I was expecting. So far I had only come across Ferns.
Julien, I do currently have a euonymous in that area which is doing reallly well.

8 Apr, 2011


There are a few which will grow in dry shade. I had a very dry shady patch where things wilted very easily and I added some gel crystals to the soil - made a huge difference!
Digitalis (foxgloves, Acanthus mollis, Anemone hupehensis (a three or four foot tall japanese anemone), Aquilegia vulgaris, Digitalis (bleeding heart) - there are two types, one where the flowers grow from the base and one where they grow on tall stems and hang down like pretty little hearts on a string)Epimedium, Tellima grandiflora, vinca minor (rather vigorous ground cover) and some of the perennial geraniums will all do in dry shade. Also Euphoria robbiae but it can be invasive once established.

9 Apr, 2011

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