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raised beds

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have space 5ft=4ft.would like to grow veg. but dont know how to start.



Hi widescreen. You are a bit low on the detail but I assume you mean you don't know how to start with building a raised bed? First decide how high you want it. A matter of personal choice based on practicality.

Then what you want it made of, that is dictated by the look of it, cost and what is available. Could be brick, concrete, stone, seasoned wood, especially if you can get some old railway sleepers but a) they are expensive and b) they must NOT have been treated with creosote. I have even seen one built with old tyres piled on top of each other with the tyres themselves used as mini beds with a larger bed in the middle, very practical.

If it isn't going to be very high then you should dig down a bit first so you can put a base of rubble in for drainage (unless you want a bog garden) but over about 2 feet you can just put the rubble straight in. Then top it up with good top soil, at least 18" but the deeper the better.

If you do a search on 'raised beds' on the web I am sure you will get lots of ideas. Also (although you don't say where you are) if you have a good local library, books can be useful. (No, for reference, not for building the bed).

11 Oct, 2008


firstly, lay down some weed control matting .
then drive 4 stakes into the ground , one in each corner.
2x2 inch pressure treated wood driven in a foot or so and finishing level with hieght of raised fix timber to stakes , again use pressure treated wood. i used approx 2x10 inch and had two planks high , to give me a decent depth . then order in some good topsoil , mix with manure to give it a good start and next spring you can grow what you like.
if you intend to grow root crops , like carrots , don't manure that part of the bed.
use good quality screws to fix timber , stainless so they don't rust away.
i also treated the wood with a preservative , to try and prolong life .
hope this helps, if you need more imformation just ask , i am sure you will get plenty of good advice here.
happy building!!!...........steve

11 Oct, 2008

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